“I have only been getting lessons from Nicole Brickner for a couple of months now and I can honestly say, it was a good decision to make.  Nicole was able to evaluate my mare, and me as a rider, and start our lessons from there.  I could tell the difference in my riding and confidence even after my first lesson. I have a bit of a health “hiccup” that prevents me from riding as much as I’d like, but Nicole is great in understanding that and working with me on this.  Her quiet demeanor is what really stands out to me.  She is good at explaining things so I can understand and she isn’t at all intimidating. If you have been thinking about getting lessons or have a horse that needs training or tweaking, contact Nicole.  I promise you will be amazed at the outcome.”  Lisa Krause

My daughter, Haley and her horse, Dyzni have been with Nicole since August of 2013. The transformation of horse and rider was immediately overwhelming.

Over the past 3 years, Nicole has become very much a part of our lives.  She continuously is assessing what is best for horse and rider. Her continual guidance and ever watchful eye has been instrumental for Haley not only to improve her skills as a rider but in other aspects of handling her horse.

Nicole helped us through the emotional roller coaster of finding a loving home for our OTTB. This was a very emotional time for Haley and myself and Nicole was there to support and help us sort out the details.

Nicole is a professional trainer, however, she means more than that to us; she has become someone that we consider a friend.

She has given Haley much more than riding skills; she has also taught her life lessons that have carried over into other aspects of her life.

I highly recommend Nicole; if you are beginning your journey into the horse world or if you simply want to improve your skills and relationship with your horse.

Linda & Haley Graves

Nicole has enabled my horse to realize its full potential and increased my skill as rider. We have become top contenders at most every show we attend. My horse loves her and I will never go to another trainer because Nicole understands my horse completely and has guided and inspired us to become a rock solid teamCathy Trippe

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Nicole has worked with my daughter, Haley, and her horses since August of 2013. The transformation of both horse and rider has been overwhelming.

During Haley’s weekly riding lesson, Nicole is always enthusiastic and prepared for whatever mood our horse may be in. She listens to my daughter’s concerns and helps her work through the issue. Nicole is always assessing what is best for the horse and rider.

Nicole has completed assessments on both of our horses and provided a training program for the individual need of each horse. She not only worked with the horses, but involved Haley in the process which was so instrumental in Haley’s understanding and in building her self confidence.

This past year has been truly an amazing year for my daughter and her horses – they have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Linda Graves

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My daughter and I met Nicole about 8-9 years ago. At that time, my daughter was 10 and just starting her riding journey and not confident about any of her abilities. With regular lessons, my daughter started to gain confidence with the guidance and encouragement from Nicole. Nicole is very knowledgeable about horses, training techniques and what work needs to be done. She isn’t afraid to “tell it how it is” and she will be there to ensure the issue gets resolved. Her encouragement and constant feedback throughout each lesson is invaluable to the rider. With Nicole’s steady guidance and can do it attitude, my daughter turned into a confident, competitive rider! I would highly recommend Nicole for your lesson needs! Thank you Nicole!Barb Fair

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Chloe has been working with Nicole for two years. During that time she has helped Chloe grow her skills and confidence in riding and the handling of many different horses. When we were ready, Nicole was instrumental to us finding the right horse and through her teaching is helping Chloe realize her dreams with him! It is because of Nicole that their relationship is reaching its fullest potential. We feel so blessed to have Nicole as our trainer!Suzanne Hitter

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I didn’t start riding until I was 45 years old. On a friend’s recommendation, I contacted Nicole Bricker and started taking lessons from her. Before long, I bought my own horse, and I have been training with Nicole for over 6 years. I’m naturally pretty uncoordinated, but thanks to Nicole’s excellent training skills, I have accomplished SO much with my horse! Nicole has a vast knowledge of horses, and she has a natural ability to adapt her teaching methods and demeanor to riders of any level and any age. I feel very blessed to have found her.Cathy Twomey

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Nicole started working with my daughter Joey when she was just five and a half. Her patience and kind heart has made my daughter develop into an amazing rider. Nicole has dedicated so much of herself to Joey and it truly makes her feel empowered.
With Nicole’s training, not only have we been able to have two extremely successful show seasons, but because of her love and dedication she has also helped us achieve the ultimate goal of owning our first horse.
My daughter can be timid and suffers from high anxiety and Nicole has become such an amazing and important person in her life. Nicole knows exactly when to push and when to release and I don’t know what we would do with out her.
Her knowledge of horses is truly amazing. Her love and dedication to them is nothing less than perfection. It is with this attention to detail that she has helped us not only with riding, but with understanding the language of the horse both physically as well as emotionally.
Our family has learned more from Nicole in the last 4 years than any book or video could ever teach.
It is truly an honor to have her as a trainer as well as a mentor for my daughter and our family!Buffy Carroll

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Nicole has worked out of our barn for several years. I have been lucky enough to watch her train many horses during this time. She has a true gift that goes deeper than any trainer I have ever watched. She has the capability to get inside a horse’s head to find out what is making them fearful or nervous. She takes time to learn each horse’s personality and her training methods are geared towards each horse’s learning pace. She knows when to ask for more and when to slow down and she is truly the most consistent trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My girls have taken lesson from her and she has trained my horses. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to put a horse in training on any level.Sheri Grunska
I have owned horses and been riding for over 20 years. Although I knew I would always love them, I was close to giving up because it just wasn’t fun anymore and I was getting frustrated. As a last ditch effort I hired a trainer, who was Nicole Brickner. Not only did Nicole help my horses, she helped me. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on my “horse life”. I look forward to going to the barn and riding every day. I enjoy my lessons and love what I am doing. The work she did with both my horses is amazing. My horse Chance went from being nervous to being an excellent show horse and is being ridden by a wonderful girl. They had a great year at the shows. Also, I can ride him at any time and it went from being a constant struggle to a joy. Nicole also noticed my other horse Brick had good reining potential and we have been working on this. After 14 years of not showing, I can’t wait to see what next year brings. Even though every time I tell her this she laughs, Nicole did save me and my horses and I couldn’t be more grateful.Teri Ferdon
Finding and entrusting your horse to a trainer is one of the most critical decisions an equine owner can face. Making sure the trainer has the ability to get the results you want and trains a horse using KNOWLEDGE, not FEAR is what I look for. This type of training will progress to a sound, confident and enjoyable partnership with your horse. Nicole Brickner has met and continues to exceed my expectations as a horse trainer. Her knowledge in ALL areas of the horse and rider are unsurpassed. The results I have seen in my horse, Duke, have been outstanding. If you are looking for an eminent person to train your horse, or for lessons, you will not find a better trainer than Nicole Brickner.Gail Fishel


My husband and I are older riders who trail ride and keep our horses in the summer time. Years ago we had Nicole break a horse at 6 years that we raised from 4 months. We first took her to another trainer who told us the horse had many issues. We decided to try another trainer and found Nicole. She only found one issue that she had to spend a little extra time training her to stand still for mounting. She broke out our horse in half the time we had her at the other trainer. In fact she did such a fine job that we took another 6 year old that we got as a 2.5 year old just last year (2014) for her to break. Again, we have nothing but praise for her skill and fine treatment for our horse. She was very patient with both the horse and us as we never had riding lessons and so we had developed our own style throughout the many years of owning and riding horses. She is not just for the experienced show person and is someone anyone can feel comfortable with. I cannot recommend her enough and Vinland Stables where we kept her for the training is excellent tooVicki and Dick Todd-Barth