Chap Straps – The Best Accessory for Horse Shows


Chap Straps are the simple and effective way to keep you looking your best throughout the day at a show. Keep the bottom of your chaps out of the dirt until it is your time to shine!

NEW! – Customize your Chap Straps with embroidery of your choice. Choose up to three letters of your choice in either script or block font from a selection of 9 great colors! Have both straps embroidered for only $10! Select your options below!

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  • Embroidery on Both Straps
    • $
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Chap Straps is a business collaboration between Nicole Brickner and Catherine Twomey to help those who are sick and tired of getting the bottoms of their show pants/chaps dirty and damaged. Chap Straps is a velcro and elastic strap that sits on the top of your boot when not in use and slides up over your pants/chaps when you are not in the show pen keeping them securely in place, clean, and undamaged! They slide down and stay covered at the top of your boot when you’re ready to show.

Chap Straps are a simple and inexpensive way to protect your clothing and look your best when it is your time to show!


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