Follow these two steps to visualize your way to a better ride!

The power of positive thinking can be one of your best tools when it comes to interacting with your horse. We as humans have a tendency to focus on and expect the worse scenario to happen in our minds, before we even start the task ahead. We envision things going wrong and in doing so we sabotage ourselves. It does … Read More

Check out My First Article for Apple Creek Living Magazine!

I am proud to say that Apple Creek Living magazine have chosen to publish an article I wrote for them! For those of you outside the circulation area, I have published it here too. I hope you enjoy it. If you click on the image, it will load a bigger version.

BUYER BEWARE! 6 Simple Rules to Follow When Buying a Horse.

Please DO look that gift horse in the mouth… AND EVERYWHERE ELSE!!! It would be nice to think that people in general are trustworthy and honest but to put it bluntly, don’t bet on it. Purchasing a horse is an expensive and situationally risky undertaking as it is, so you need to cover your bases. Do not simply take someone’s word … Read More

The Power of Patience… A Lost Art Form in Today’s World.

I know no better means of learning this art than through the connection with the horse….the horse will teach you the power of patience……are you willing to learn? One of the first and most important lessons to be learned if you are interested in becoming part of the horse world is the need for continuous patience. Without this character trait ... Read More

Compatibility….the perfect match?

Just as important as matching the horse with the job/discipline, is matching the horse to the owner. We need to take several factors into account when deciding if horse and owner are a good match or not. Factors such as size, temperament/personality, and experience level of horse and owner need to be addressed. When looking for the perfect match in ... Read More

Suitability – The Right Horse for the Job!?

One of the most important factors in achieving a happy, willing, and successful riding horse is matching the horse to the job and the job to the horse.   When deciding on a horse for your chosen discipline or picking the best discipline for your horse you must evaluate several important factors. Breeding, body type, and the horse's willingness and ... Read More

Training, Not Tyranny!

Horse training is about communicating with the horse, not about reigning over them by using excessive force and harsh physical manipulation tactics.It is about teaching what the desired result is through patience, consistency, and understanding. Through a well explained program of fairness in reward and discipline and achieving a working relationship built on trust. The trust that you will explain ... Read More

The Fear Factor: Eliminate it!

Your horse will forgive you for your mistakes, your inconsistencies, your flaws and faults, but they will not forget. If you cause your horse to be fearful or feel pain you will see the memory of those actions reflected in their eyes forever as a constant reminder to never commit that sin again. Those that see this reflection, those that feel ... Read More

Solid Foundations

Does your horse have a solid foundation or is it cracked and unstable? Trying to progress training on a horse that has not had a good foundation is like trying to build a beautiful home on a poor foundation. It may hold up for a while but sooner or later it will all come crashing down around you. No shortcut ... Read More


“DO NOT MISTAKE EARNING YOUR HORSES RESPECT WITH CAUSING FEAR OR INTIMIDATION!” "What is the most important factor in establishing a great relationship with a horse?" Mutual Respect! Think about your life, job, & family… Do you listen to or enjoy spending time with those whom you have no respect for? Do you enjoy and/or listen to those who do ... Read More