Why Equestrians Are So Tough!

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If you’ve been working with horses long enough you’re going to hit the dirt. Hopefully just the dirt - not a fence, wall, etc.!  You will also probably get kicked, bit, stepped on, run over, and sustain more injuries that require unusual explanations of stitches, bruising, swelling and the occasional need for crutches. What separates the true horseperson from the ... Read More

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Horse Trainer

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When you work with a professional trainer (someone who trains exclusively as a career on a full-time basis, not just a horse enthusiast who trains on the side), there are some things you should know about us. Please take these things into consideration before interacting with us. We’re always tired, it’s just a matter of what level of exhaustion we ... Read More

Growing Pains – Conquering the Transition

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You’ve hit the point that you’ve always dreamed about, your business is finally taking off and you have more clients/work then you can handle, so what’s the problem…. handling it! Success is a double-edged sword; the income is finally what you need and more, but the stress level and workload also increases exponentially. You find yourself working all day every ... Read More

Whoa Means Whoa!!

In my world the word whoa means I want my horse to stop whatever it is doing and await further instruction. It is not only necessary in the show pen and on the trails but in everyday handling also. Horses are very large and can be somewhat unpredictable animals and it is imperative that you have a failsafe to protect ... Read More

Regaining Control – Teaching Your Horse The E-Brake.

Maintaining control of your horse when they are upset, unruly, scared, or rambunctious can be tricky and sometimes dangerous if you’re not equipped with the right tools to handle the situation.  In this blog, you will learn how to install an “E-brake” that you can use in any situation to maintain, regain, and keep control of your horse. If you’ve ... Read More

5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

Running a business is a very stressful and demanding job as it is, so avoiding mistakes that can make it even more difficult is imperative. Read on to make sure you’re not unintentionally adding to your stress load! Not returning emails, phone calls, or other messages left by either current clients or potential clients in a timely manner: Everyone gets ... Read More

My New Book is Available Now!

I am delighted to announce that my new book is available for purchase today! If you read my blog, then this book is for you. The great thing about writing a book is that you can examine the issues in far more detail than I can in my blog. I am able to outline strategies, help you identify problems, and … Read More

The Equine Spirit – Preserve It, Don’t Break It.

Dead eyes…. the telltale sign of a depressed and broken horse. A horse that has been treated as an object devoid of personality and life will always show it through their eyes. When the bright light that should shine through a horse’s eyes has been extinguished and snuffed out by the actions of the humans in their life. A horse … Read More

Conditioning for Spring Riding

  Spring time weather is finally here! With it comes the urge to ride, ride, ride… But how much is too much? We all want to hit the trails and start tuning up for the shows, but what about those riders that didn’t have an indoor to work in or get to ride very often in the inclement weather? Here’s … Read More

8 Top Tips to Build Confidence and Lose Anxiety!

  The ability to trust your horse and yourself is the key to being confident when working with and riding your horse. Here are a few tips to help you out to help you build that trust relationship: 1. You cannot always control your environment! Learn to control yourself and your horse. Avoiding certain situations out of fear or insecurity … Read More