NB Horse Training is Growing!

NB Horse Training, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of assistant trainer Carson Meyer-Kraus to team NBHT. With Carson’s addition to my program, I will be able to open up several more training spots and also schedule in more off farm evaluations and clinics!! Carson is a 2015 graduate of UW River Falls with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science ... Read More

NB Horse Training Has Continued Success With Horses and Kids

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It’s been a successful end to the show season for NB Horse Training, LLC. A big part of my training program is working with kids in the 4-H programs and their horses, going to open/4-H shows, the county fair, and then 4-H State Horse Expo. This year all 8 of my students qualified for state and went down to Milwaukee ... Read More

Ten Ways to Drive an OCD Horse Person CRAZY!!!

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We all know that one person at the barn who isn't as tidy as the rest of us! Here is a visual tribute to those less organized equestrians! Ever heard of a broom...we have those!!Really….you do see this right?!Bad aim or lazy?!Seriously?!You’ve got to be kidding me……. Just shoot me now!You were drunk right?!Don’t, just don’t……fix it!!NB Horse Training is ... Read More

What Feed Should I Give My Horse?

Feed Your Horse to Happiness and Health With These Great Tips   Did you know that your horse’s feed should basically contain six major nutrient categories? Or that depending on the horse’s life stage, activity levels and health, you may need to vary the type and quantity of feed? For instance, a thoroughbred that needs to gain weight should be ... Read More

Horse Body Language – What It Can Tell You

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Being able to read body language in animals is of the utmost importance being that they, obviously, cannot carry on a normal spoken conversation with us. Why is body language important, how do you read it, what can it tell us? By reading the horse's eyes, ears, muscle tone, body and tail carriage, nostrils, and overall body presentation we can ... Read More

15 Signs You’re A Horse Person

NB Horse Training - 15 Signs you're a horse person
1. You’ve used vet wrap on yourself and your family members. 2. You schedule family time around riding time, horse shows, and trail rides. 3. You save your apple cores and carrot tops for the barn. 4. You cluck to people and other things to get them to move faster. 5. You’ve told your kids, dog, and other family members ... Read More

Want To Be a Horse Whisperer? What’s Their Secret?

Horse whisperer NB Horse Training
What makes an animal respond differently to one person than another? Why do some people seem to have a “gift” with animals, while others struggle to make a connection? In most cases, the intention in the heart of the human that makes all the difference. A purity of love and a desire to improve an animal's situations comes through loud ... Read More

What’s Happening To Society?

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As an equine professional I have become increasingly stunned by the lack of effort and work people are willing to put into their lives on a daily basis.  The inability to be inconvenienced by having to physically or mentally work harder than what they have deemed necessary to exist in this world, the lack of pride and attention to detail ... Read More

Why I Am Grateful for Difficult Horses

Horse training working with a difficult horse
We’ve all heard the phrase “easy horses don’t make good riders”, well to a certain extent this is undeniably true. While quiet and cooperative horses are great to first learn on, there is something absolutely necessary about eventually having to work with a difficult horse that will turn you from a casual rider into a dedicated equestrian. I have watched ... Read More