NB Horse Training is Growing!

NB Horse Training, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of assistant trainer Carson Meyer-Kraus to team NBHT. With Carson’s addition to my program, I will be able to open up several more training spots and also schedule in more off farm evaluations and clinics!! Carson is a 2015 graduate of UW River Falls with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science ... Read More

What Feed Should I Give My Horse?

Feed Your Horse to Happiness and Health With These Great Tips   Did you know that your horse’s feed should basically contain six major nutrient categories? Or that depending on the horse’s life stage, activity levels and health, you may need to vary the type and quantity of feed? For instance, a thoroughbred that needs to gain weight should be ... Read More

Now Angels Ride Him – Don Bishop

Now Angels Ride Him
"When Father Time caught my gelding the leaves were turning brown. He was suffering and couldn't eat, it was time to put him down. It's hard to do what you need to when your eyes are soakin' wet. I thought about my childhood and waited for the vet. I guess I wasn't ready, when he fell it made me weep. ... Read More

Suitability – The Right Horse for the Job!?

One of the most important factors in achieving a happy, willing, and successful riding horse is matching the horse to the job and the job to the horse.   When deciding on a horse for your chosen discipline or picking the best discipline for your horse you must evaluate several important factors. Breeding, body type, and the horse's willingness and ... Read More

Training, Not Tyranny!

Horse training is about communicating with the horse, not about reigning over them by using excessive force and harsh physical manipulation tactics.It is about teaching what the desired result is through patience, consistency, and understanding. Through a well explained program of fairness in reward and discipline and achieving a working relationship built on trust. The trust that you will explain ... Read More


“DO NOT MISTAKE EARNING YOUR HORSES RESPECT WITH CAUSING FEAR OR INTIMIDATION!” "What is the most important factor in establishing a great relationship with a horse?" Mutual Respect! Think about your life, job, & family… Do you listen to or enjoy spending time with those whom you have no respect for? Do you enjoy and/or listen to those who do ... Read More