This book is a winner!


I don’t remember the first time I was on a horse. They have always been part of my life. I’ve read a lot of books about horses, but this is the first time I read one cover to cover, in one sitting. I was pulled in by the intro, and moved to tears by the Afterward. The heart of the book deals with problems and solutions in a way that make a lot of sense to me. The stories that go along with each section on behaviors are my favorite part. They make the concepts real and show you that where horses are concerned, one size does not fit all. I recommend this book to everyone who has anything to do with horses or knows someone who does.

. – By catrina3574 – Amazon Customer



Horses are amazing, and it takes an understanding of the horse’s perspective to truly appreciate how to develop a strong, trusting, and positive partnership. This is the message I have taken from this interesting, entertaining, and informative book. The author presents common horse behavioral issues in a clear, concise, and organized way. The effective use of real-life stories from the author’s extensive experience reinforces the understanding of the application of the strategies applied to correct behavioral issues. I appreciate the kindness and compassion that the author demonstrates as well as the humor that accompanies even the most challenging situations. After reading this book, I am inspired to become more observant of my own behaviors and practices. I have a better understanding of how seemingly little things that I allow or reinforce can easily lead to bigger issues–I could identify with many of the situations the author described. This book is a “must read” for anyone wanting to understand horse behavior in order to establish an enjoyable and positive relationship with their equine partner. Thank you, Nicole Brickner!

– By David and Bobbie – Amazon Customer

If you are a horse owner, this book is a must read!


I have read a number of books related to horses, from caring for the horse, how they behave and different philosophies on training them. I am a horse owner that wants to continuously gain more knowledge about these wonderful animals. ‘Behavioral Issues in Horses: Why Do They Do that?’, has provided great insight into the importance of a solid foundation. However, it also provides actual issues owners have experienced with their horses, how these issues have been addressed and the result. This book stood out amongst other books, as the author provides several examples of horses with these issues, and in many cases, the issues are due to how we, the human and owner, have unknowingly contributed to that behavior. The author’s experiences and knowledge of horses made this book very enjoyable to read and very good resource. If you are a horse owner, this book is a must read!

– By Pam. P – Amazon Customer

Just what the doctor (vet) ordered


Outstanding. Felt it was written just for me at a time I am going through behavioral issues with my horse. I can see that I have created these and realize that my feeling of abandonment comes from the loss of my bond with my horse. I pray I can get it back. – By reiningldy – Amazon Customer



This is an awesome book from a very insightful, intuitive, loving, and knowledgeable trainer. A must read for those who are having behavioral issues in their horse. – By Lici Harris – Amazon Customer

“Love the book Nicole…easy reading and so interesting…what I loved most about it was that most of the stories that you wrote about reminded me of true life family cases that I encountered and worked with as a Social Worker… What I’m  getting at is that our animals or pets, as humans, have needs as well, and if these needs are not addressed, they have a way of letting you know…problems down the road… Anyway enjoyed your book thoroughly… Keep doing what you’re doing… And anyone who hasn’t read it, be sure to do so!!!”

Awilda Torres
“Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, content, commentary, organization and presentation, “Behavioral Issues in Horses: Why Do They Do That?” is especially commended to the attention of non-specialist general readers who have a horse as their animal companion and who wish to establish an enduring bond with their animal. While unreservedly recommended for community and academic library Pets/Wildlife collections in general, and Horse Behavioral Issues supplemental studies reading lists in particular, it should be noted for student veterinarians and members of the horse-loving public that “Behavioral Issues in Horses” is also available in a Kindle edition”Midwest Book Review