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Nicole is a featured clinician at the Midwest Horse Fair 2019.

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Nicole’s Story

Our head trainer, Nicole, knew from an early age that she wanted work with horses.

Welcome to NB Horse Training, where learning and progress become fun and easy by promoting a positive, goal orientated environment for both horse and human. My Name is Nicole Brickner, and I have been a trainer in the Fox Valley for 13 years. I have been working with, training, and showing horses from an early age, I first got involved with horses at age 11 and the rest, as they say, is history. I had known from the beginning of high school after working with my own, and many other horses, I wanted to go into horse training.

I went directly to UW River Falls after high school graduation and earned my Bachelor’s in Animal Science with an equine emphasis and a business option, graduating in 2001. I have been running NB Horse Training ever since. I also have the privilege of being the riding coach for the Neenah Equestrian team, Go Rockets!


Our barn is located outside of Neenah, WI. 


We are lucky to work with some great people. By spreading the knowledge of good horsemanship we have been able to help our clients have positive experiences with their horses.   

“Nicole has enabled my horse to realize its full potential and increased my skill as rider. We have become top contenders at most every show we attend.”

Cathy Trippe

“Thanks to Nicole’s excellent training skills, I have accomplished SO much with my horse! Nicole has a vast knowledge of horses, and she has a natural ability to adapt her teaching methods and demeanor to riders of any level and any age.”

Cathy Twomey

Nicole Brickner

I have been working with, training, and showing horses from an early age. I first got involved in horses at age 11 and the rest, as they say, is history. I have a passion for wanting to enhance animals lives by our presence in their world. I try to achieve this through mutual respect, trust, consistency, and compassion.

I furthered my experience by attending UW River Falls and graduating with high honors, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an equine emphasis and a business option. Taking courses that increased my overall knowledge of the horse, how to work with horses and people in a positive approach, valuable experience in starting horses and under saddle to finishing them for the show pen. I was a member of and competed on the UWRF IHSA western and huntseat team. I completed an internship the summer between my sophomore and junior year with Larry Kasten, who at the time was head of the equine department at UWRF, at Kasten Reining Horses where I continued to learn how to properly and successfully start horses under saddle and gained further experience working with green and finished reining horses.

I have been training horses and giving riding instruction professionally since I graduated from UWRF in 2001. I specialize in:

  • Starting horses under saddle, without using harsh methods or harsh equipment
  • Evaluating, diagnosing, and correcting behavioral problems, with a very high success rate (please see my testimonials page)
  • Finishing horses for the recreational rider or for the show pen, class A and 4-H/open shows
  • I am also highly experienced and successful in training for trail riding, showmanship, huntseat pleasure and equitation, western pleasure and horsemanship, trail class, hunter hack, and much more.

I have coached many horse/combos to state championships, high point awards, year-end awards, and to becoming an overall successful team that is just as relaxed and quiet on the trail as in the show pen. I have also coached the Neenah Equestrian team for the past 5 years, qualifying for state every year, and this year bringing home the division C championship at state!

Give me a call and we can talk about how I can apply my skills, experience, and knowledge to help you, your child, and/or your horse!

Nicole Brickner

Nicole Brickner

Head Trainer

Karley Wyngaard

Since she was a young girl Karley has always loved horses. At a young age she began going to horse camps, and since then her passion has become an evolving career choice.  She continued growing her knowledge and experience by leasing horses, going to clinics, taking lessons, and participating in shows. Karley has gained experience in everything from dressage to saddleseat. She was also an asset and a point earner for the Neenah Equestrian team, which is where Karley first met Nicole, who was and still is the coach of the team.

In 2014, she purchased and trained her own horse, Simon, to his current status as a competitive speed horse and lesson horse. Their main discipline is barrel racing and they enjoy traveling to competitions on the weekends. Karley enjoys giving lessons and seeing people’s skills advance and helping them truly connect with their horse.

In addition to her horse knowledge, Karley is graduated in December 2018 with an associate degree in business management from Fox Valley Technical College. This degree will prove invaluable in the horse industry.

On the weekends, Karley enjoys spending time outdoors and going on adventures. She also owns a great American Bulldog named Precious that loves accompanying her everywhere. 

Karley Wyngaard

Karley Wyngaard

Assistant Trainer

Alaina Siebers

Alaina Siebers is a full-time employee at NB Horse Training, LLC. She helps run chore shifts, complete all tasks involved with the daily running and maintenance of the barn, and handles and oversees the horses on a daily basis. Alaina is a valued member of our team, noticing every detail of barn upkeep and horse behavior that needs attention.

Alaina has a great passion for horses, hiking, camping, trail riding and the outdoors in general. She also enjoys spending her free time with her dog, Karma.

Alaina Siebers

Alaina Siebers

Carson Meyer-Kraus

Carson Meyer-Kraus is a full time employee at NB Horse Training, LLC. You can find her running chore shifts, completing all necessary tasks involved with chores and the daily maintenance and running of the stable. She handles the horses daily and helps oversee their care, health, and nutrition. Carson also teaches a limited number of riding lessons each week. 

Carson’s love of horses started at a young age, taking riding lessons at the age of nine, and owning her first horse by the time she was thirteen. As she grew up, she knew horses were more than just a hobby so, following her passion, she attended the University of Wisconsin- River Falls – earning her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an Equine Business Emphasis. In addition to classroom learning, she was a rider on the UW-River Falls IHSA team for which she rode all 4 years, becoming a captain her senior year. Since graduation she has continued to ride and teach lessons. She also took an internship with Purina Animal Nutrition, her primary focus during the internship was equine nutrition.

Carson currently owns two Norwegian Fjord horses and a Quarter Horse. Carson’s goal as horsewoman is to help riders strengthen the partnership between themselves and their horse. She loves to see people ride with confidence, and truly enjoy their equine partner.  

Carson Meyer-Kraus

Carson Meyer-Kraus