15 Signs You’re A Horse Person

NB Horse Training - 15 Signs you're a horse person

1. You’ve used vet wrap on yourself and your family members.

2. You schedule family time around riding time, horse shows, and trail rides.

3. You save your apple cores and carrot tops for the barn.

4. You cluck to people and other things to get them to move faster.

5. You’ve told your kids, dog, and other family members to “whoa”.

6. You spend more money on your horse then yourself.

7. You’re more comfortable in jeans and boots than anything else.

8. Any hairstyle you get must be convenient for working with and being around horses.

9. You use a hoof pick for a screw driver.

10. You’ve used binder twine in more ways than others could possibly imagine.

11. You find yourself wishing you could round pen your family members and friends when they’re rude.

12. You drool over trucks and trailers instead of sports cars.

13. You ruin any movie that has horses in it by pointing out all of the mistakes and getting irritated at the mistreatment or poor handling/riding of the horses.

14. Your vehicle contains an odd assortment of horse equipment, pieces of hay, mud and horse hair.

15. You think golf courses are a terrible waste of a good pasture.

Please comment your additions to this list and where you’re from to keep this going!! Happy riding!!